A lawyer’s work product is a reflection on his or her legal expertise. And the translation of that work product reflects on the lawyer.

Sometimes, in an international practice, the only impression a client will get is from a translation of your work.

For over two decades, TransLegal has provided the European legal community with translations of prospectuses for high-profile IPO’s, statutes and codes for government ministries, rules and regulations of leading European financial markets, court documents, international arbitration pleadings, contracts, judgments, and legal opinions.

We provide accurate translations of the most complex legal documents, working with our clients to meet their tight deadlines. TransLegal’s lawyer-linguists ensure that your documents read as well in the translated version as they do in the original language version.

We always offer a free and speedy price quote on any translation or proofread before work begins.

Client confidentiality

Many of the documents TransLegal is asked to work on involve sensitive business matters where confidentiality is essential. As licensed lawyers who are members of bar associations, our lawyer-linguists guarantee that your sensitive business dealings and those of your clients remain confidential.

Fast turnaround

Tight deadlines are a part of the practice of law and the lawyers at TransLegal understand this and work with you to ensure that your documents are produced on time. In-house translators employing proven routines built up in over 20 years of business together with state-of-the-art technology and resources all mean that your translation is delivered when promised.

Free price quotes

You don’t need to guess what your translation will cost. TransLegal provides fast and accurate price quotes before beginning the work. Free of charge.

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